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About De Kromme Watergang**

Cuisine: French


What did I want from hospitality?
As a former hairdresser, you obviously accustomed to deal with people, but people operate in our own restaurant was quite something else.
"Friendly and peaceful his' that was the first step. The art comes later, that lasts several years. Ignorance has now after many training courses made the way for professionalism. Knowing how to approaching many different people , recognize and care. Now it is a daily activity for me, honestly and sincerely that is very important and especially happy in your work radiate, but that goes without saying.

So for me hospitality is something which we are born, it is in you or it's not you!


They sometimes ask me: "What does cook for you?" Cooking comes from your heart! That is certainly something to be easily defined? Well yes, it must have come from, but perception, feeling and concentration are called keywords. Those boys in the kitchen must fight for each other, and a strong team otherwise is wrong. Absolute silence during the service, 'but not piss cook' and 'tasts, all tasts! "Every day a thousand times.
So cooking for me is: with taste, passion and everything in my power, you, our customer, so surprised that you want to come back again soon. "

Together with Mike, Maarten, Naomi, Eliza, Arianne Paulo and we strive to you as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You an unforgettable afternoon or evening delivery, that is our goal.

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All restaurant deals in Hoofdplaat

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